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Friday, October 12, 2007

Born under a bad sign

If we had to choose a theme tune for simplification, what would it be? I'd pick Albert King's classic blues 'Born under a bad sign'. Apart from its obvious reference to poor wayfinding in maternity hospitals, it contains this lament for literacy:

I can't read.
I didn't learn how to write.
My whole life's been one big fight.

You can hear/get it at iTunes.


  1. From the designer's point of view, "Rip it Up" by Orange Juice. It contains the lines:
    There were times I'd take my pen
    Feel obliged to start again
    I did my best, but there are things in life
    That words can't quite express

    Not to mention the chorus, "Rip it up and start again".

  2. Beth Shepherd12:47 pm

    Just listening to 'Oxford Comma' by Vampire Weekend and thought of your post here.

    Don't get too hung up with correct punctuation and grammar... 'Who gives a **** about an Oxford comma?'


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