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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I'm speaking at the Sign09 conference in Vienna next week, jointly organised by the International Institute for Information Design and the Sign Design Society. They've put together a terrific programme - unfortunately it is over 9 days, so I imagine few visitors will be able to go for the whole thing. I'm speaking about how wayfinding is taught on our MA course at Reading, and showing student work.

On just before me is Timothy Nissen, from Switzerland, who is speaking about 'Advanced Studies in Signaletics'. I'm intrigued by the term, which I haven't met before. Googling it gets you to a company doing intelligent signing, and also to this nice video.

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  1. Hi Rob,
    I'm Armengol Torres, CEO of Signaletics, a Catalan company based in Barcelona who is developing new concepts and applications striving to bring Signs more life than their traditional static function.
    Our approach is based on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) principles. One of them is the RoadBeaconSystem (RBS) concept (granted with an international patent), that brings drivers 'on-board' advanced road signs capabilities, complementing traditional ways. We are developing this under a main Spanish R&D project ( We use wireless (some batery-less also) technologies like RFID, Zigbee, or WiFi for them.
    I'm open to provide you more information about, even feel free to mention it as an example in 'sign09' if you consider it interesting to your speaking.

    PD: by the way, we thought the term "signaletics" playing with the words 'sign' + 'etics' + 'tics' (ICTs in Spanish).


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