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Thursday, December 16, 2010

60s coffee bar - in more ways than one

Passing this coffee bar in Liskeard, Cornwall, I couldn't help noticing not only that it was called the 60s coffee bar (think nostalgia, Merseybeat, Mary Quant,), but that most of the customers appeared to be in their 60s.And drinking coffee, obviously.


  1. Steph8:10 am

    Hiya, As a Senior Team Leader of the 60's Coffee Bar, I would like to say what a wonderful place this is to meet up, The enviroment in here is second to none there is no rushing around (accept to make sure that all our customers are happy) We enjoy a range of customers for young to older customers, There is an amazing original 19667 Wurlitzer Jukebox which has an assortment of 1960's music, Changed monthly, a variety of coffees and a range of food to be added to the menu as of the 10th of january, there have been many people come in which yes are older but the amazing stories they bring with them are second to none, The owner has done this town proud :) well done Phil! We all know that Liskeard is somewhat lacking in variation and shops! however I know a lot of people will be thinking oh god not another cafe but this cafe is by far very different to the rest :) I hope that I may one day see you in there for a coffee or maybe a frothy coffee!!

    Again Welldone to Phil Who Opened this wonderful 60's Coffee Bar

  2. Anonymous9:34 am

    hi sandy and phil well done on bringing light to liskeard.You have made such a difference and i thank you for it. I also thankyou for your support from tracey

  3. glad to see all is going well i hope to be back in cornwall soon so will look forward to dropping in
    john h

  4. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Rude! I popped in this 60s cafe while on holiday in cornwall as i have an interest in the 60s style, i have been to Memphis and stayed in the hearbreak hotel opersite Graceland and i collect memorabilia i was feeling pretty excited to visit and ask questions...only to be met by gloom from the 2 owners! not a smile nor did they want to talk...poor and meager choice of snacks...felt uncomfortable that i left my mug of tea and walked out, most of the memorabilia is just copied articles from books!!! I don't recommend.


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