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Thursday, February 10, 2011

They know where you live

Universities are doing their best to raise funds from alumni and Reading Uni boast internally about their success in this.

Now I've seen them in action and they're formidable. They've tracked down my 91 year old mum to her retirement home in Cornwall. She did part-time art classes in 1938.

I'd thought they were using student helpers, but now I reckon it's Pinkertons.

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  1. The people The University of Reading are using could be mistaken for rottweillers.

    Someone told me the story of how the annual fund people rang the contact number they had, which was the persons family home. They pretended to her mother that they were a potential typography student and could they have the ex-students number to ask some advice about doing the course. The number was given in good faith, they called up and pretended to be interested in the course, before trying to extract money.

    I would swear, but I doubt it would get through the comment spam filters...


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