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Monday, November 07, 2011

Novelties, eh?

Forgeries are now sold as 'novelties' it seems. You can get a utility bill, driving licence, student card, or degree certificate tricked up with your name and address, and off you go. Of course they could be so bad, or obvious, that no one'll be fooled... but who'd pay £40 for that?

But would the designers of the newest BT bill please let them have up to date artwork with the right font: using the old one with a new date might just raise suspicions.

Are Western Union really sponsoring this?

I should add that this company do have commendably clear terms and conditions, that disclaim anything but 'novelty' uses. I do like their final statement and wish every firm did the same: " have kept the T&C's simple and straight forward. This way we hope that everybody will understand them and abide by them."


  1. Matthew9:34 am

    They may have disclaimers in their T&Cs regarding use of these documents but I would have thought they were in clear breach of copyright and trademark law.


  2. A quick search reveals the same items on other sites for £250! I emailed one of them and ask a simple question and was told to get lost! Also called custom cards and was told everything is clearly marked as a novelty, odd but understandable.
    The last one I tried fakeidcenter again became very defensive and stopped replying very quickly.


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