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Monday, April 19, 2010

The declining public apostrophe: evidence mounts

Thanks to Andrew Belsey for this addition to the collection. I'm guessing which one of these Cambridge street signs is the newest - looks like apostrophes are going out of fashion.

On another matter, Andrew is fond of Polish peanut-themed chocolate snacks, and noticed this nice proof-reading before-and-after pair (clue: look at the foot of the image).

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  1. Jay Rutherford7:36 am

    This usage of "crash" or "crashed" is also popular in Germany. I've seen bar menus describing one of the ingredients of a Caipirinha as "Crasheis", which would be pronounced something like "crash ice", by which "crushed ice" is meant. The strange thing is, the word "Eis" (pronounced like the English "ice") is usually used to mean ice cream. I don't want ice cream, crashed or otherwise, in my Caipirinha, thank you.


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