Monday, March 16, 2015

Depicting older people

I've occasionally posted mini-rants about how older people are portrayed in newspapers. Any article about retirement or pensions seems to be accompanied by a library shot of two attractive elders on bicycles, frolicking on a beach or taking an expensive cruise.

Doesn't this just reinforce the selfish image the baby boomer generation has acquired with younger people struggling to buy homes? The caption might just as well say "Smug boomers partying non-stop at your expense".

But I've just found a source of positive and realistic images of ageing on the EAC website. EAC is a charity that used to be known as the Elderly Accommodation Counsel. Much better.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recipe book designers: please think about the cook

A recent survey pointed out that while most of us have a shelf full of recipe books, we have a repertoire of about nine meals we actually cook.

So are recipe books actually for cooking from, or just for giving and receiving as presents?

Nigel Slater's Eat is a truly lovely object that reminds us of the joy of holding a well-made book. Just as meals are more than nutrition, books are more than information. Eat is bound beautifully with a bendy board and soft-feeling cloth.

The only thing is, having enjoyed choosing what to cook, I had to place some of the ingredients on top to hold it open.

Profound infographic insight about Nigel Farage

Don't you just love it when the numbers make a neat pattern. Thank you, Daily Telegraph website.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Fit for purpose

It's oddly satisfying to see an icon and its referent so perfectly matched. If she could just face the other way...