Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Haggis alert

I panicked when I saw a recipe book open at this page in our kitchen. Actually Jenny was making the recipe from the previous page (a very nice lamb stew) so all was well.

But this is yet another example of a recipe book designed for the bookshop not the kitchen. It is first-form stuff that one recipe should take one page. With a flexible approach to design and editing, it's never hard to take 4 lines back to the previous page.

Screwed cup pack design

I wanted 16 of these washers, so I bought two packs.

Well, it clearly says there are 10 of them in the pack... until you see the smaller 'QTY 20' at the bottom right.

The grammar becomes clear when you see the wingnuts I also bought:

If you can stand one more...

David Murphy confesses that parsing signs has become quite addictive (particularly near the beach, I notice). So here's another one.

Bare feet only?

Bear feet only?

Monday, December 21, 2015

That symbol explained?

David has come across the key to that symbol puzzle. Now we know what it means, but we don't why.

My mother's maiden

Keep your security questions short if you want them to fit in an iPhone scrolling menu. Or perhaps these are real life examples of those Nihilistic Security Questions I mentioned a few months ago.

Perhaps we could mix these up a bit...
Why were you born?
Who is your favourite mother?
What is in a name?

Danger er..

David Murphy sent me this sign, seen at Point Cook Coastal Reserve, Victoria.

Watch out for snakes and er...  ladders?