Monday, August 23, 2010

Soft drinks only

Sitting in the wonderful Vinoteca restaurant in St John Street, the other day (favourite place, next to where I used to work), I found myself looking at the other eating places across the street. Sandwiched between a pizza place and another pizza place (it's all about context...) was what appears to be the St Clements Dental Cafe. Intriguing... lots of calcium rich foods, nothing with sugar, definitely no toffee? Perhaps the food is like those cat biscuits they claim have ingredients that clean your cat's teeth.
You've guessed by now that the missing letter was in fact an 'r'.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singular pants

I remember reading somewhere that the word 'pea' is a comparatively recent introduction. We used to call it a 'pease'. Now Marks and Spencer, and presumably other shops, seem to be doing the same for the word 'shorts' and 'pants'. You can now buy a 'short' and a 'pant'. I don't think you can buy a trouser yet, though.

As this swing ticket says: 'This lightweight trekking pant is made from...'. But it goes on: ' they work in any terrain'. Obviously still a work in progress, this transition.

Odd thing is, on the website it/they is/are called trousers.