Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quite big

A while ago I posted a note about the Michelin guides' francocentric use of the Eiffel Tower as a unit of comparative height. Now I've found a copy of their New York guide to illustrate the point. The usual point of these pictures is to impress you with the size of the new object, as compared with the known one. In this case we think 'wow, I didn't realise the Eiffel Tower was so big'. I think this is something approaching bad manners in a guide book - rather like dining with friends, and complimenting them that the meal was slightly better that the one you cooked yourself that day for lunch.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A life explained

Thanks to Paul Luna for showing me this homage to infographics. It's by the French agency H5 (I loved their other stuff too - have a look at 'wuz', which has a great ending).

Since I first posted this, the link has been removed from Youtube, but you can see it on the H5 website - go to Film/Clip/Royksopp.

And I've just been told (thanks, Brian) you can download it on iTunes (seach for 'Remind me').

Another fading sign

Passing this sign, with the red worn away through years of shouting danger, I saw someone lighting a cigarette. Now that people can only smoke outside public buildings, I suppose they might expect there to be permissive signs to mirror the prohibitive ones on the door.

Turning the corner, though, this newer sign makes it very clear why lighting up wasn't such a good idea, and certainly to be avoided while naked.