Friday, May 09, 2008

The correct form of address

I just looked up the postal address for information design consultancy and/or/if (they are former colleagues and very good). It is:

Oakridge Barn,
Plum Park Estate,
Watling Street,
NN12 6LQ
Great Britain
The Universe

I repeat it in full here not just to make my plug more complete, but to remark on the sevenlinesness of their address.

They do a lot of design for personalised laser-printed documents, and one of the things you have to do in that line of work is to test for worst-case examples. Long names or addresses for example. Years ago we worked on documents for BT, and found that their customer database required us to allow up to eleven lines for the name and address.

I suspect and/or/if deliberately chose their address so they could themselves feature as a test scenario. Expect one of them to change their name any minute to Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Trumpington-Verylongname.