Friday, July 11, 2008

Petitions for all occasions

I have to confess I had not heard of the Type Museum, until I received news of a petition to stop its collection being dispersed. Judging by its website, it looks really good, although I believe it may already have closed. You can sign the petition at

Having signed the petition, I explored this site for more causes I could lend my esteemed name to. It contains hundreds of petitions to the Prime Minister and it's comedy gold.

Only three people have so far signed the petition to 'use a lie detector on retiring prime ministers'. Pity. Whereas 293 have urged Gordon to 'Prohibit the use of the names North and South Humberside'.

I'm neutral on that one. But there are quite a few requests that focus on clearer information. Unfortunately they have only been spotted by a few people. For example:

'Make it Law, that mobile phone companies inform contract customers of their balance' (3 people).
'Make all references to digital tv to state that only a freeview box is required not a new TV' (3 people).
'Urge companies to stop discriminating against people without internet access when charging for paper billing' (6 people).
'Stop HM Revenue & Customs wasting paper' (7 people).
'Investigate mobile phone operators underhand practices' (8 people).

In the absence of a comment facility, some people have taken to using the signature field of the online form to give their reaction to the petition. Personally I support the petition to 'Make all tv companies to turn volume down when there is an advert break', but it has evidently been signed by someone called 'do you really want the PM dealing with this? what a nation of bone-idle idiots. Get a grip people.'

There's me told then.