Sunday, January 03, 2010

Apostrophes in road signs, and other petitions to the Prime Minister

The e-petitions section on the Number 10 website continues to flourish - one current petition is 'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to introduce a nationwide policy enforcing apostrophe use in road signs, applying to all local councils.'

There is still time to sign it, if this is something that keeps you awake at night. Or if you have ever got lost trying to find King's Road when all you can find is Kings Road, which is obviously somewhere else entirely.

The Conservative party recently announced plans to offer a £1m prize to the best use of social networking to harness the collective wisdom of the population in policy-making.

Judging by a good proportion of the e-petitions on the Number 10 website this is a slightly scary idea. Here's a small selection that caught my eye (mind you, I've included one that I would definitely sign):
  • Stop the post office delivering mail to residents of the east riding of yorkshire improperly addressed.
  • Ban the words 'Unlimited' in publications and/or advertisements by all companies where the service they offer is limited.
  • Label lilies and bouquets containing lilies as deadly to cats.
  • Bring Tony Blair to account over the war in Iraq.
  • Stop The Council Destroying The Graves And Let Our Beloved Rest In Peace!.
  • Force all foreigners to learn english when coming to the UK to migrate.
  • Get us out of the EU and the sooner the better.
  • Re-instate British dignity by banning political correctness against all things British!
  • Ban Goverment TV information that use fear tactics.
  • Stop the way tv licencing sends rude threatening and down right obnoxious letter to everybody based on the rather crass assumption we are all licence dodgers.