Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ronald Shakespear

Thanks to Unit Editions for publishing a great series of books on the designers who influenced my generation. Herb Lubalin and Ken Garland were given the treatment most recently, and others are in the pipeline.

And thanks to them for highlighting the work of the Argentine designer and photographer Ronald Shakespear, whose name I knew, but not his work. Have a look at the interviews on their website. He comes across as a lovely guy in the interview and also in the work. Drawn as always to the information design part of anyone's oeuvre, I particularly love this Buenos Aires taxi sign from 1971.

In the interview Ronald quotes some nice advice given by Milton Glaser when he visited his students: 'Learn all what you can from your teachers now and when you cross the street, please forget it all'

Unit Editions is a collaboration between Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy.