Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peat-free or not, it's a simple question

Buying some potting compost, I wanted to see if Levington compost has peat in it or not.  So I looked at the pack.

"At Scotts we are justly proud of our environmental record and our concern for the environment, both at our production facilities and in your garden. With this in mind we continue to develop outstanding, consistent growing media using a range of peat based, reduced peat and peat-free ingredients many of which make use of otherwise waste material. Over the last decade we have significantly reduced the proportion of peat we use in our composts and will continue to do so. We do not harvest from SSSI or SAC sites and are actively involved in helping the management and restoration of the peat land areas that we harvest from. As we continue to work towards reduced peat formulations we are continually introducing new materials into our products (continued on p 94)."

Thank you, minister, that's all we have time for.